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torsdag, maj 06, 2010

Dagens citat, 2010.05.06

Once we come to an abiding consciousness that the deepest center of our existence runs into the divine (like an umbilical cord, so to speak), we realize that this awareness is much like the historical Christ's abiding consciousness of oneness with the Father, and for this reason we call this state "Christ-consciousness." This does not mean we are aware of Christ. Rather, like Christ, we are aware of our oneness with the divine--the ground of our being and all being--the Father, in other words. This is not the experience "I am Christ," but only the recognition of an identity with Christ through oneness with the Father. Because of this similarity, we can see that we are "other Christs," see that because we are one with God, we are also one with Christ. At this point we see God in everyone and everything, and thus see that because they too are one with God, they too are Christ.
Fra What Is Self?, "Part III - The Christian Passage", af Bernadette Roberts.

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