Fra Johannes af korsets "Levende kærlighedsflamme":

onsdag, januar 06, 2010

Dagens citat, 2010.01.06

Sarah [a physically and mentally disabled girl] was a fascinating presence to the retreatants. Some would sit with her for an hour or two, just exchanging – I don’t know what you’d call it – some kind of subtle communication. She could remember many of her admirers and showed special interest when they came again. She gradually became a member of the staff without doing anything. She was just there. It occurred to many participants that she somehow epitomized what the retreat was all about – namely, just being. Her contribution had nothing to do with actions or accomplishments; it was just a celebration of life. Although she had only a tiny sliver of it compared to the rest of humanity, it was still life and wonderful in its simplicity.
Fra Sarah's Advice, en artikel af Thomas Keating i Contemplative Outreach News, december 2009.